How to potty train a child to save money on diapers is a fast way to save money! Diapers are not cheap; and face it; everyone is using disposable diapers nowadays. They are easier to manage and dispose of, they are less likely to cause diaper rash and they are much less messy. But they are expensive and when you add baby wipes on to that expense, it can get pretty high quite rapidly. Potty training can help reduce those expenses and free up your budget for other things for your child. Learning how to potty train a child is tricky, though. Every child is different, but these tips will help.

Make sure the child is ready.

It can be confusing when you start researching how to potty train. Start potty training when the child is ready, not when you are ready. A child who is ready will be able to tell you when they have soiled their diaper. They may even be able to tell you when they need to go. Just make sure that your child is ready because forcing a child before they are ready can be damaging.

Don't scold for accidents

Accidents happen, don't make a big deal out of them. When your child has an accident, just roll on with it and watch closer next time. Use positive reinforcement to encourage the child to use the potty. Learning how to potty train a child takes patience and lots of love. There will be accidents, but don't make them failures.

Prepare for dry days and wet nights.

Many children will master using the potty during the day but still have trouble at night. They may sleep very deeply or not be able to wake up when they feel the urge to go. A lot of that is due to immaturity. Don't make a big deal out of it, just prepare for it. Knowing how to potty train a child means being flexible. You may allow your child to wear big kid pants during the day, but at night he or she may wear a night time absorbent underwear. You really don't want to use a diaper at night, especially if the child is using the potty during the day.

Don't get so caught up in saving money that you compromise the child's comfort.

Your child comes first. You can know how to potty train a child but if the child is not ready it won't work. It isn't worth saving a few dollars if you are going to do it at your child's expense. Follow your child's lead and let him or her set the tone for potty training. You will both be much happier.

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